Land Camera 210 for the first time

After a long time, I managed to take some pictures. Polaroid Land Camera 210 has been home for a long time.
So I was looking forward to it. I even had the film bought for it, but I still waited for the opportunity and even naively to find a suitable model.
I didn’t help my ad that I’m looking for a model and a muse 🙂
It’s my first experience with peel-apart film and I have to say it was not easy at all.
Half of the cartridge fell on me before I got to understand the camera. But it has to be said that the problem was on the operator side. I didn’t insert a cassette  correctly and only dragged half the film. Either just negative or wrinkled positives.
But then he finally did. It’s a totally amazing thing, a magical analogue process that captivated me and I look forward to another shooting. No ghost in the computer, no print, no substitute. The photos are born right in front of you. Just ninety seconds and you can see the result. Unrepeatable bit, even small. I will never shoot it anymore. That’s why I like Polaroid. They aren’t large exhibition canvas, just a miniature area of ​​a few square centimeters, but they can give everything.
In the attempts I’ll continue and it looks like self-portraits so far. Although the word is just not right …..


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