about me

My name is Zdeněk Rája and I’ve been photographing since the nineties. Initially, these were mainly black and white portraits, evoked at home, enlarged in the bathroom.

Gradually, I presented my work on several exhibitions, such as in Přerov, Olomouc or Ostrava.

Besides, I started to discover the magic of Polaroid and I created some interesting portraits for me, even small format.

Life paths took me so far from taking pictures and only for the last few weeks I dusted off my old Polaroid 636. I’m again enchanted by the process of taking photos of how slowly a photo originates. Polaroid frames are unpredictable, they are full of blemishes, they are usually blurred, and colors always come out differently. But that’s just what I love about Polaroid. Imperfection.

Gradually, I will add both old black and white stuff and the Polaroid archive and, of course, new creations.

I’ll be happy for every feedback, for every word from you 🙂