Bleached and scanned polaroid negativ

After the first photographed film FP-100C, I was wondering what will I do with negatives and what they would actually do to me. It was a new situation, because my polaroids so far have been on integral films, and for the first time I worked with peel-apart. At Polaroid I just love the uniqueness of the original, what can not be repeated and suddenly there is a negative. On the one hand, it opens up a different door to different works, but I still feel confused. I also figured out who scanned me so big negativ and bought the expensive machine because of a few negatives I did not want much.

As all initiates know, we must first “produce” the negative from the peel-off of the film. Believe me, I did not even have this process light, and that’s what I have always been. Before I got to the right “chemical” I really tried a lot. From the various tutorials I looked around the way and tried two toilet gels before I got to what I thought was inappropriate, and that’s our SAVO that works right and great. Maybe I’m going to give a video here with this simple “Bleaching” process, but when I have time 😀

Negatives are therefore “bleached” and ready and because I could not wait for some professional scanning and at home I have a simple scanner for paper and photos, I made one emergency attempt. Negative I put on my scanner and put it on my lighted mobile with a screen lighting application. Well, ‘voila’, you can see the result here and then I just played. Perhaps usable in the future, but now that I want to enlarge my print of my polaroids, I will still scan the originals of the positives.


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